The two publications that will guide gun dog owners while training their hunting companion are:

Burnt Creek Method of Dog Training

Smart Hunting/The Ways and Means of Using Pointing Dogs

Each book is $35 which includes postage and handling
(add $25 for orders outside of the United States).

“The Smart Hunting book is a work of art. Thank you again for printing these treasures.”
–John Cotton,  Michigan, USA

“Jim’s books are the next best thing to being taught by an elder.”
–Jerry Warrington, Outdoor Columnist

“Ever since his first book came out, I’ve been a Jim Marti fan.  Marti has spent 20 years perfecting his line of purebred setters and the no-nonsense training tactics he explains in his books.  Easy to learn, the methods work for any breed of pointing dog.”
–Tom Huggler,  Author and GunDog Columist, QUAIL HUNTING IN AMERICA and GROUSE OF NORTH AMERICA

“I bought this book 10 years ago and have constantly referred to it while training/handling several different breeds of upland bird dogs. Marti is a no-nonsense bird dog trainer that is able to express a simple way of training in the words he writes. His “stop to flush” method of training is of particular greatness. I also found his method of teaching “whoa” and “heel” much easier than other authors recommend. Although he breeds, raises, trains and hunts Setters, Marti’s book is ‘breed blind’. You can train any upland dog to be a superstar by following his method.” – customer review

“Problem: Flushed birds are faster than my dog, and he is faster than me.
Solution: Jim Marti’s stop-to-flush method.  I’m tired of coming in third!”
–Datus Proper, Author, PHEASANTS OF THE MIND

Please see the Contact page to place an order as it has changed from the information in earlier versions of the books.